Interleges Interacts

Interleges held its first Interleges Interacts on 16 January 2024, a social event to bring members together, and particularly to help our member firms’ younger lawyers build their international networks.

Centred on a legal role play, using a trade mark case which had already been through the courts, Sarah Bruen of Reddy Charlton LLP and Lina Laaouej of Philippe & Partners took opposing sides and made impressive and convincing arguments in this vibrant mock trial.

William Bartoli-Edwards of RWK Goodman played the role of Judge, and everyone else who attended played the role of the jury.

Our court was chaired by Paul Keane of Reddy Charlton LLP, who ensured we had a great time whilst getting to know other members through this common endeavour.

Interleges will host another Interleges Interacts later this year, focussing on a different case.